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Get to Know Us

Welcome to our ceramic store in Bali, where artistry meets RENJANA! We are passionate artists dedicated to creating a remarkable customer experience as you embark on your pottery journey. Our goal is to provide you with a delightful and enriching experience, making your foray into the world of ceramics both enjoyable and fulfilling.

At our studio, we believe that pottery is not just a craft, but a form of self-expression. Every piece we create is a masterpiece, carefully handcrafted with love and attention to detail. We understand that starting a ceramic journey can be both exciting and overwhelming, which is why we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

In our welcoming studio space, you will find a vibrant community of fellow pottery enthusiasts who share your passion. Our aim is to foster a nurturing environment where creativity flourishes, friendships are forged, and inspiration is abundant. You'll have the opportunity to learn from others, exchange ideas, and grow as an artist.

So whether you're looking to discover the joy of ceramic, enhance your skills, or simply immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression, we invite you to join our ceramic business. Together, let's shape beautiful memories and create timeless art that will be cherished for years to come.

Shaping Pottery
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about Class


Renjana ceramic is a ceramic studio. We offer a variety of workshops, products, and services.

Renjana ceramic combines commercial and art to produce artisan, hand-crafted pieces. We are aware that there’s a lot to learn when it comes to pottery, so we want to provide a safe space for people to learn and develop their skills.
In the end, we are all students here.

“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with clay.” 

- Frans Muller -



Showcase our exquisite artisan ceramic creations that are perfect for restaurants and cafés. We specialize in crafting custom tableware that not only meets the functional needs of your establishment but also strengthens your brand identity.

As passionate ceramic makers, we understand the importance of creating tableware that reflects the unique personality and style of Brand.

We take pride in using high-quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers. Our ceramics are fired at precise temperatures to ensure durability and functionality while maintaining their exquisite beauty. The result is a collection of tableware that not only stands the test of time but also becomes a signature element of your dining experience.

By choosing our artisan ceramic creations, you invest in more than just tableware. You invest in the craftsmanship, creativity, and dedication of our team. Together, we can create a dining atmosphere that captivates your customers and leaves a lasting impression.

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